Frequently Asked Questions

Do prospective buyers have to download an app?

No, the buyer simply has to text the phone number with the MLS code and a link will be sent to their phone as a text message.

What if the buyer does not have a smart phone?

The buyer will still receive a link to the property via text message and will have to open that link on an internet accessible device. The agent will still receive the buyer’s phone number.

What happens if the buyer calls the phone number instead of texting it?

The buyer will receive a message that informs them it is a text only number and will be given the main office number to call instead.

How long does it take for the buyer to receive the text? Does the agent have to do anything before the text is sent?

The buyer will receive the property link in about 20 seconds via an auto-response text system. The agent does not have to prompt or authorize the text message.

Does the agent have to download an app or have software to use the service?

No, the agent will receive the message that a buyer has inquired about their property via text message and/or email. There is no equipment, software or apps that have to be purchased or installed.

What if the agent does not upload photos for the listing?

The photos for the slideshow are pulled directly from the agent’s MLS listing, so the agent should make sure they have uploaded photos to showcase the listing. However, the agent’s contact information will still be sent to the buyer.